Friday, April 07, 2006

Song Of The Day

Friday April 7, 2006...

"(You can) Go Your Own Way"-Fleetwood Mac

Third Post

Okay, so it's 10:47 pm and I didn't get my hair cut. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday. Hmmm...maybe I will lose a few pounds by just cutting off a few inches?!!!!!

Second post today...

I guess I should just type as I think of things to say. I went through several blog sites and many people have multiple posts in a day.

Yesterday I went to Mall of Millenia with my BFF. We ate at
Brio Tuscan Grille and had "Flirtinis". MMMMMM They were great! I so enjoy eating there! I also liked going from store to store laughing at the prices of the handbags and shoes!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Walk this way...

Okay, I'm starting to walk again! My motivation seems to be more of doing it because I see others doing it. Take the FATMANWALKING for instance. He is going from San Diego, CA to NYC. It has taken about a year but he is doing it. So, I say now, I can do it, too!

Today, I walked 4 miles in one hour and 57 seconds. Just about a 15 minute mile. I set goals during my walk and changed them while I was walking! Right now, my 3 main goals today are to do this blog (done), prepare the paper bag album for the four girls I chaperoned in NYC for the band trip and do a walk tomorrow...checking first to see if the MFM have a walk going on.

I weighed 181.5 lbs this am. I am a pre-diabetic and in need of losing some weight and speeding up my metabolism. Huh, another goal!!! Go figure...

BTW, that picture is of me when I was at IOA (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, FL) last month. I have let my hair grow out for the last 4-5 years and I need a change. I am getting it cut today! Locks of love, look out!

Addendum: I came up with some ideas for walking and I think I will use my plain, bright colored t-shirts for each walk and paint a number for the walk number I did. And I can date it in Sharpie. I want to videotape me walking tomorrow and talk while I walk and then take a picture or two.