Friday, July 28, 2006

30:00 1.54

This was the time I walked on the treadmill and the distance I went. I had to slow down from 17+ minute pace to a 20 minute pace because of shin pains (the reason I stopped running years ago). I need to stretch out my lower legs before walking and maybe a warm epsom salt bath soak will help, too. My weight is down another half pound so I am at 182 today.

I have been watching my eating and feel hungry at bedtime every night. I have eaten more fruits and vegetables than I was and getting a cup of milk a day with my cereal in the morning. I was tired last night and a bit tired to day but the walk has re-energized me. I still have two weeks and only 4 lbs to go. I will keep losing if I surpass my goal before the date. I hope to lose enough to fit in my size 12 clothes from a couple of years ago. We'll see...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


182.5 lbs Not bad but it's the easiest to lose. The next few days are the hardest to stick out. I've been drinking lots of water and some iced tea with lemon. Thank God for Splenda. It has been a life saver!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

61:26 3.17

Those were the time and distance of my walk on the treadmill tonight. WOW! I can't believe I finally got started. I have a ways to go. The last post had the song of the day referring to my fat cells and not my husband! The book is one I bought a while back and decided I will need while I am losing weight. It has come in handy so far since I need to stay focused. Meditation works to serve that purpose. The food was where I was supposed to go for lunch but my BFF was not feeling well and I decided to eat my Subway sub. That is my lunch or dinner for each day and since they have a deal right now, I'm taking advantage of it. $2.49 for a 6" sub. Each day is a different one and I may not do the meatball or chicken bourbon sub since they have more calories. I am also having a diet frozen dinner as a meal, too. So far, I have had a Lean Cuisine and a Healthy Choice meal. Both were chicken alfredo with broccoli. You get what you pay for because the Lean Cuisine was $1 more than the Healthy Choice. And cost more than a 6" sub! The flavor of LC was much better than the HC and the chicken tasted more like chicken should taste.

Okay, on tap for tomorrow, more weight loss and walking. I was only going to diet until the wedding that I am going to with my brother (at the Grand Floridian, no less) but I amy keep it up for a while so I can fit back in my size 12 clothes loosely.

Of The Day

Song - "Please Release Me, Let Me Go" - Engelbert Humperdinck/Esther Phillips (sung by Dean Martin)

Book - Meditation For Dummies - Stephan Bodian

Food - Pot Stickers with Zen Sauce (T.G. I. Friday's)