Friday, August 04, 2006

Where I live

I thought I would show you where I live and what it is like to live here. I will start by putting a web link under the "Links" section to the right. It will take you to "About Oviedo, Florida". I will share some pictures as I am able.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

60:30 3.37

Another walk bites the dust! The treadmill is getting its workout this week. I have done 4 walks on it and Kent did one last night and is about to do his second walk with his new shoes. It beats being out in the 95 degree high humidity and heat. If I can keep up the exercising, I could potetially lose as much as I need to. My first goal was 10 lbs. but I will probably excede that by a couple and then it's on to the next goal. I want to have a bi-weekly massage to keep any kinks from holding me back and some warm epsom baths to help excrete the toxins and wastes from my body.

I want to be a lean, mean, fighting machine!!!

Wearing a New Hat

Karl has recently trained in the food Court of Target and was called in tonight for a few hours. I got a couple of quick pics of him in uniform. He wanted to work in this area because it gave him an increase in pay. (Small but significant to a first jobber!)

"Mom, do you have to?!!!"

He was done smiling after the first picture!!! They just don't get scrapbooking moments!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

61:45 3.53

I walked the treadmill tonight and I have picked up my pace slightly from last week. Yesterday, my husband and I walked 4 miles but he had quite a problem with his shoes. I gave him a $5 coupon for shoes at Shoe Carnival and he got himself a pair of New Balance (extra wide). Hopefully, we can go for a full 5 mile walk. Our main street is 7 miles from one end of the residential area to the other. That is the ultimate goal for me. I used to do it in under 2 hours once or twice a week.

Tonight I had another Lean Cuisine. It is by far my favorite. Every meal of theirs that I have had, I enjoyed. They are all very tasty. The Smart Ones meal (by Weight Watchers) is a close second. The food choices are widely varied and that helps. I won't buy anymore Healthy Choice as they are too bland for me. But between the other two, I can stay on this "diet" easily!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All Smiles

. . .
KJ had his braces removed today. He is ecstatic. He keeps on licking his teeth!

At the orthodontist's office, waiting to be called.

Here he is. All smiles!

Monday, July 31, 2006

B. M. O. C.

Big Men On Campus
. .
Yes, this is the big year that both boys will be at the top of their levels in school. Karl is a senior in high school and KJ is an 8th grader in middle school.

Karl, just outside the front door, leaving for his first day as a senior at Oviedo High School.

Getting into his friend's car at 6:30 am for their first day.

B.M.O.C. Part 2

Good Morning! Ready for the first day?
. .
KJ at the front door ready walk to the bus stop for his first day as an eighth grader at Jackson Heights Middle School.

Outside in the driveway turning for one last smile.

Walking across the street with a wave good-bye for his mom.