Saturday, August 19, 2006

Belated Birthday Present...

It finally came. Only a day after it was shipped (so rare!). And Karl got up to answer the door to sign for it. He was so excited that he just stayed up and got it all hooked up.

He picked it out and is a happy camper today!

Oviedo 48 Atlantic 0


It was a pre-season game so, it won't count but our Lions kicked some ocean butt!!! They were from Jax-ville and there were a handful of spectators on the visitors side. I felt sorry for them not having a good representation. (We had a bunch at the St. Augustine game last year. We filled the visitor's side...but we still lost!!!)

The band was awesome as always. I'm still with the band!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Noon 5 mile walk/run in 1 hr 19 minutes

It is a bit overcast today. I only saw the sun once and it was still through some opaqueness. Right now the Oviedo weather icon says 84 degrees which isn't bad to exercise in. The humidity is, however, in 4 digits, me thinks!!!!!

My weight is still at 179 since two days ago. Not bad considering I ate at Red Lobster for lunch yesterday and I think the body really wants to retain the fat the older you get! (Just my theory!) It just means I have to work harder. I am the determined one.

Tonight is the first Oviedo HS football game. Not counted but everyone will be there...well, everyone except my dear promboy! He quit band (would have been the drum captain) and will be working tonight at Tarjey. His girlfriend is on the varsity cheerleading squad so I will get to see her. He is supposed to meet us at (Mis)take and Shake after the game. He works across the street.

Wild KAJ, my youngest son, will be going with us to the game to chill. He has had homework constantly, even in his sleep, I think! 8th grade is starting off with a nuclear bomb (that's nucular to you Bush/Simpson fans!). He has between 4-5 hours a night plus more on the weekends. But he is keeping his grades at a plus side which is encouraging.

My BFF redid a few of my french manicured nails yesterday and I am now ready to rumble (old Spanish saying, I think!) Onward, upward...more walking tomorrow...10K in Waterford Lakes...come check it out here.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Running and walking, More Weight to be lost!



. I walked/ran 4 miles in 56 minutes on Tuesday morning and tonight I did 5 miles in 1 hour and 13 minutes. I'm glad to be able to do it. I think of those who can't and it makes it easier for me to work harder.

I am at 180.5 lbs. I gained from the big weekend. But I think this week will be a turn around. The running seems to melt the weight off. I can feel looseness in my capris. Yeah!!!

The Lean Cuisines are still great! I have tried many of them. My favorite one is the Sesame Chicken. My least favorite was the Chicken Fried Rice. Kind of bland. The mac and cheese is good but I'd rather have something with meat. It seemed like a side dish!

Onward and upward...Namaste...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

5 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes

That's a 15 minute mile! Not bad. I still can't run the entire way but I try as hard as I can. I have nothing but time on my side...well, and a few good friends!!! You know who you are!

I hadn't walked since Thursday night and I gained a few lbs back from yesterday but my metabolism is a bit faster now so I will lose it and more. My next goal is 10 lbs by Sept. 7th. That's Kent's birthday. If I get there, it will be 169 lbs. and then onto the next goal. I want to get the junk outta my trunk!!!



Waiting for the bride and groom.

The wedding cake...the top is the castle made of white chocolate. The letter "M" is their last name.

The line waiting to throw rose petals on the bride and groom.

The town cryer announcing the arrival of the bride and groom.