Saturday, August 26, 2006

At least the Oviedo band looked good!

Timber Creek 20 Oviedo 13

I think the big win last week affected the team! Next week we play Lyman away. Maybe they will be more grounded.

I lost another lb...175.5!!! I skipped a walk yesterday to allow the calves to rest. Good thing.
I'm off to the garden club for a morning at a woman's nursery. Then lunch at the Willow Tree restaurant in Sanford. Fun!!!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Keep it goin' down!!!

Another pound...176.5!!! Yeah! I have walked every day this week but today I'm skipping to allow my calves some rest. They are pretty tight and I need to massage them some more and have another epsom salt bath. I'll be ready tomorrow to start back.

Oviedo plays an away game against Timber Creek tonight. We will be there ... not square. ;O)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Site of the Day...


My MIL forwarded a news clip which you can view at the first web link along with a web site worth looking at and especially passing along. I hope you will share with males, too, as many of them have wives or other loved ones to be shown this info...


Two more 5 mile walks


Down to 177.5 after two 15 minute mile walks. I am keeping the pace up!!! Feeling good and rested...something I hadn't really felt in years. The Lean Cuisines are still good and I have splurged a little, even. TGIFriday's one evening and Don Pablo's for lunch yesterday. I am still watching how much I consume and my total meal appetite is decreased even though I get hungry soon after walking away from the table. I just figure that is the calories being burned as each second rolls by!

Life is good!!!


Monday, August 21, 2006

Treadmill walk today...

Well, I wasn't able to get out and walk my 5 miles but I did get on the treadmill for an hour and I did 3 and a half miles. Not too bad. It seems like the treadmill takes a lot more out of me than an outdoor's walk. I am sore and my back hurts which doesn't usually happen. I tried to get out at 7:15 this am but I went out back to water the plants first and saw two high schoolers coming by the backyard. They stopped at the corner of our yard and smoked cigarettes for about 10 minutes then headed back to school. I was so infuriated that I went out back after they left (one of them dropped something-turned out to be an empty carton of milk) and as I looked around the backyard behind the screen, I noticed one of my white bird-of-paradise was lying in the grass. I tried to lift it up and couldn't-it was full of water. I remembered that the lawn guy comes on Mondays so I thought I better get it out of the way. I got my cutting tools and gloves and two garbage cans and I cut up all the fronds that were laying on the ground. The base was extremely heavy so I had to cut it twice. Now there is a gap in the plant. So, after I walked the garbage can around front I stopped to cut a few hedges to even them out. By the time I was finished, I had done the entire perimeter of the house and all the Robellini palms!!! That was at 10:15 am. Then I went into the house to grab a bottle of water and left to do my walk...I was so determined!!! I went to the stop sign at the end of the block and noticed that my MP3 player wouldn't work because of a low battery!!! ARGH!!! So, I turned around and came home to charge the battery and thought I had better get on the treadmill before something else happens!
Here I am all done with my walk and I saw some cool HGTV morning shows. My favorite channel.