Friday, June 16, 2006

Relaxing in the Mountains

Hello! I've been taking it easy since we got to Kent's parent's house in TN. We are having great weather once again! It was about 70 degrees today in the sun. It feels good to wear pants and long sleeves.

We ate at Maple Grove for dinner tonight. I should have taken a picture. The food is so good there. We are going back for dinner tomorrow (Friday). The special is turkey and dressing plus two sides for $4.99. And you get a roll and butter and the portions are tremendous! Tonight I had the roast and gravy and it's the only place I've ever had it where there wasn't any fat or grizzle to pull off! WOW! MMMMMM....(yes, I'm gaining weight here!)

We'll be home on Sunday. As much as I enjoy being here in the country, I am looking forward to being home in my own "place".

Below are the fun things you can do on vacation. First one to bed is always fair game and mom and dad were always first to sleep as you can see...

Karl actually ate these M n Ms later!!!

"Every party has a pooper that's why we invited pooper...." (Hey, that should have been the title for the other picture!!!)

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