Monday, April 02, 2007

Good Gracious!!! Snake's Alive!!!

Okay, when you go out to get a nice picture for your blog, and I mean "outside" out, do you expect to be greeted (or scared out of your wits) by a snake?!!! Well, that's exactly what happened to me this morning. After the guys all left for work/school, I went out the screen door - pool equipment side. As I rounded the corner by the white Bird Of Paradise, a fairly large black with RED rings snake came at me and darted to the other side of the BOP at the last second. Did I scream and run?!!! NO! I stood there, like a statue, quietly screaming inside!!! Then, I stood there deciding whether to (A)run to the only open door...the one that the snake was in the direction of...or to do what I set out to do...(B)take pictures. Hmm...let's like hell, screaming to get into the pool area or take the %$#%$# pictures I wanted to take....I decided to take the pictures!!! Mind you, I had propped open the screen door because that side's door locks after it closes no matter whether you want it to or not! (Trust me on that one, it's by experience that I found out...and while having a call of nature!!! Kent had run to Home Depot and locked all the other doors while KJ and I were out back pulling weeds last year! I was yellow by the time he got back home!!!)
I turned on the camera,
peeling my eyes for anything that moved. I took a dozen pics and turned to decide my fate. Should I run like a bat outta hell or walk nonchalantly, as if nothing had ever been seen. I chose the latter, but with extreme caution. As I approached the door, I was looking in front of me, behind me, all around me, as I unlatched it and slammed it shut. Then I walked briskly to the door hoping that it didn't slither into the pool area. I didn't see anything further and the two eyeful cats were just peering out the screen door to the house as if nothing was seen. (They go nuts when they see reptiles moving in the pool area!)
So, here are my pictures of the rubber trees which were chopped down on Saturday (by yours truly) and which Kent and KJ replanted carefully, using Linda Wellman's replanting techniques - for which I am grateful. Gracias Linda!


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