Thursday, August 09, 2007

He's Legally blonde....

and an adult!!! As of 8/7/07!!!!!

The day has come. Karl Adam Banks has to register for
selective services, can buy his own lotto tickets, is now able to vote, can buy his own cigarettes or snuff, can sign his own waivers (already signed his first one) , can get married in any of the United States, can buy pornographic material, and can purchase and/or possess a firearm. (There's probably more that he can now do.)

That totally scares me. He is so not ready for going into the armed forces under the draft. Lotto tickets, well, within reason, that isn't something I would be concerned about except if he were to "go in" with others. His government class has prepared him for the next election and what it means. Heck, he probably knows more of what it means than I do! I'm not worried about the cigarette or snuff issues...he watched my brother suffer through his lung cancer treatments long enough. The waiver issue...hmmm...that's a tough one. He needs to take heed in knowing what all a waiver actually means. I think he is pretty level-headed about that one. Marriage! Hah!! He isn't ready and he knows it...but he is planning out the future and thinking about it. That is one thing he is taking very seriously...I can just tell. Porno....he's a guy...nuff said! I don't see him with a "real" gun...KJ, yes, but not Karl.

Still, I know he may be an adult by certain standards or definitions but is he ready to tackle the world without some parental guidance. No way! The world to an 18 year old in the 70s was very different. You could make it on your own with a full-time, minimum wage job while having a car (with insurance) and a decent apartment. In 2007, that's impossible. So, to college he will go, preparing for his future and knowing that, having one eye on the future at all times is necessary to be successful in this world. And that having parents around isn't so bad, after all.

He may have some priviledges that an adult receives but he still asks mom for $ for a haircut and to buy his favorite clothes. We still pay for his car insurance and health insurance as long as he is in college. The word "adult" is cliche. Maybe it's because to me, he will always be my "child".


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