Monday, March 03, 2008

Living the Tao

Thoughts bending flexible,

allowing for any possibility,
like supple palm trees
bowing in abeyance to forceful winds,
elastically swaying,
shifting from rigidity to fluidity,
while rooted in humility,

Small thinking
anchored in well-being,
a liquid state of mind
detached from outcome,
flowing within a living oneness,
a soft resilient patience,
a natural harmony,
strong and free,

Accomplishing great deeds,

conquering without striving,
like running water eroding rock,

inside the moment of being alive,

trusting the usefulness of uselessness,

Ending conflict

by showing love,

Curious, rather than afraid,

Finding happiness within

the space of not doing anything,
just the space of being done.
Gordon Neumann


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