Sunday, April 09, 2006

Late to Bed, Late to Rise

Since staying up til the wee hour of 3:30 am waiting for Promboy to return, I decided not to walk this am but instead, sleep in. Good idea as I was tired all day. I will start back up tomorrow.

I went with my BFF to the mall (and with my younger son) for shoes. We ate an early dinner at Olive Garden...mmmmmmmmmmm breadsticks with Alfredo Sauce............. I also shared the Chicken Alfredo w/Broccoli. And there was enough to bring home for hubby. Good stuff!

Tomorrow, I have to return the tux to After Hours and before 11 am so I don't get a late fee. They waived it for today since I told them I found it in the back of the car...Promboy put it in the back and I forgot it!!!

No Grey's Anatomy tonight, which sucks! I did see that they have two more episodes but no dates yet. Next week is Easter Sunday so that is probably out. If you check out the IMDB, you can find out lots about your favorite TV shows and the actors that play in them.

Okay, I'm outta here.....

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