Sunday, April 09, 2006

A New Day

WOW!!! I missed yesterday!!! I walked 5 miles and met up with my BFF half way. We stopped at Barnie's for a quick java and bagel and then walked back. Both of us had a busy day as our kids both were going to Prom...same prom but different dates. What a day it was! I have the "easy" task of having a low maintenance son. Okay, he is extremely high maintenance but in a different way! BFF's daughter had hair, nails, make-up appts, etc... My son showered and dressed in 20 minutes!!!!

[My son is fourth from the left...dyed-black hair (in a family of blondes) with white suit]

My BFF's daughter was at a different house taking pictures.

It is now 1:48 am and rain is emerging quickly while I stay up waiting for his highness's arrival.


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