Wednesday, July 26, 2006

61:26 3.17

Those were the time and distance of my walk on the treadmill tonight. WOW! I can't believe I finally got started. I have a ways to go. The last post had the song of the day referring to my fat cells and not my husband! The book is one I bought a while back and decided I will need while I am losing weight. It has come in handy so far since I need to stay focused. Meditation works to serve that purpose. The food was where I was supposed to go for lunch but my BFF was not feeling well and I decided to eat my Subway sub. That is my lunch or dinner for each day and since they have a deal right now, I'm taking advantage of it. $2.49 for a 6" sub. Each day is a different one and I may not do the meatball or chicken bourbon sub since they have more calories. I am also having a diet frozen dinner as a meal, too. So far, I have had a Lean Cuisine and a Healthy Choice meal. Both were chicken alfredo with broccoli. You get what you pay for because the Lean Cuisine was $1 more than the Healthy Choice. And cost more than a 6" sub! The flavor of LC was much better than the HC and the chicken tasted more like chicken should taste.

Okay, on tap for tomorrow, more weight loss and walking. I was only going to diet until the wedding that I am going to with my brother (at the Grand Floridian, no less) but I amy keep it up for a while so I can fit back in my size 12 clothes loosely.

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