Wednesday, August 02, 2006

61:45 3.53

I walked the treadmill tonight and I have picked up my pace slightly from last week. Yesterday, my husband and I walked 4 miles but he had quite a problem with his shoes. I gave him a $5 coupon for shoes at Shoe Carnival and he got himself a pair of New Balance (extra wide). Hopefully, we can go for a full 5 mile walk. Our main street is 7 miles from one end of the residential area to the other. That is the ultimate goal for me. I used to do it in under 2 hours once or twice a week.

Tonight I had another Lean Cuisine. It is by far my favorite. Every meal of theirs that I have had, I enjoyed. They are all very tasty. The Smart Ones meal (by Weight Watchers) is a close second. The food choices are widely varied and that helps. I won't buy anymore Healthy Choice as they are too bland for me. But between the other two, I can stay on this "diet" easily!

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