Monday, August 27, 2007

The joy of bringing joy....

I love a happy ending!
A friend has adopted three little girls and we tried to find a gift for them. Tickets to Wet and Wild sounded good but they went the week they came home to live here in FL! So, I scrambled with ways to make their gift a special, memorable one, while having to hurry before they went and did it first. Somehow, I thought of the Build-A-Bear idea and it became a hit! I ordered them on-line and each girl received her own envelope with gift card attached in a cute "Cub Condo" card. The attached message read, "We come "bear"-ing gift cards!!! Oh Happy Day!!! Congratulations!!! From The Banks". When the parents explained what they had gotten, the girls drove mom and dad nuts to go right away. So, they went on Saturday (received on Friday night) and stayed for 3 hours deciding on everything including accessories! They take them to bed at night and want to carry them all day long, too!!! That makes me smile. So cute!!!
Here are their choices. Mom's is the mouse on the left, dad's is the triceratops in the middle and the girls chose the two kitties and the bear.
How wonderful!!!


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