Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have just been googling a report I heard yesterday on the local noon news WESH-TV Orlando about an UCF scientist who may have found a CURE, yes, you are reading correctly, a CURE for diabetes. It boggles my mind that this is so close to happening! Read these articles and spread the news. A $2 million was awarded to UCF from the National Institutes of Health to fund this study.

Here are several articles I found when googling this topic... (GO Oviedo, FL!)

Being a skeptic, I am always looking for "the other side of the story" but so far, I haven't found anything negative (except that drug companies may lose lots of $ on insulin and oral anti-diabetic medications).

Here is an excerpt about this professor's partial credentials...

"Daniell, who is the first
UCF Trustee Chair in Life Sciences,
began teaching at UCF in 1998. His
research led to the formation of UCF's first
biotechnology company, called
Chlorogen, for the commercial development of
patented chloroplast genetic
engineering technology. In 2004, he won UCF's
Pegasus Professor Award, the
top honor given to a faculty member who excels in
teaching, research and
service. Daniell also became only the 14th American in
the last 222 years to
be elected to the Italian National Academy of Sciences."

I am psyched!!!


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