Monday, June 11, 2007

PCH Tour 2007 Day 9

Day 9 was Seaworld of San Diego. We were there all day...and into the night. We left at 10:30 pm and had to get up the next day to move on to the next hotel. The day was wonderful. The weather was in the high 60's...I think it might have even hit 71 or 72 degrees.

The shows are set up like the ones in FL except for the fact that there are no covered venues for the whale, dolphin or sea lion shows. The sun isn't as hot but can still burn you. I guess they don't have nearly as much sudden rains as we have in the south.

We watched the two night shows called "Shamu Rocks" and "Sea Lions Tonight" and saw Riptide on our way out. All were very creatively done. Those otters steal the show, though!!!

We left San Diego with great memories to share when we get back home.

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