Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another 5 miles

KJ and I walked 5 miles tonight. It was before dark and we returned to our street as the darkness settled in. I ate a Healthy Choice. The last one, I think I bought. It was chicken parm and was actually the best I've have. Though still not worth buying again. I will have Lean Cuisine tomorrow for dinner and probably a sub for lunch. Drinking lots of water.

I have to buy more LC meals at Albertsons or Publix tomorrow. I want the 7 and 8 point meals as I don't think I'm eating enough calories each day. I'm enjoying reading other's blogs about their weight loss. Very encouraging to me.

My goal after the 10 lbs for the wedding will be another 10 lbs by Kent's birthday which is Sept. 7th. That will be three weeks from then (plus a couple of days). That should bring me down to 168 lbs. Then our anniversary is October 5th. Another 10 lbs. So, by fall break I should be down below 160 which I haven't seen since my stepdad died in 2001.

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