Monday, August 07, 2006

Somber is as Somber Sees....

Okay, I am very "somber" today. I received an e-mail forwarded a couple of times but from someone I know through my HS senior. Four girls were driving in a Chevy Blazer Friday night (in Daytona Beach area) and the vehicle flipped over. The driver was NOT wearing her seat belt. The other three were. Here:

"She's in intensive care at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona. She has massive internal injuries and they thought she might not make it Friday night. Saturday she had 6 hours of surgery to stop the bleeding, which (her dad) said the doctors thought was successful. Her pelvis is crushed and they had to put plates in. Today she was supposed to have more surgery, but I don't know how that went. He said she'll need reconstructive surgery to her pelvis and hip."

Quoted from the e-mail. So, you can see why the somber mood. It is hitting close to home. My son is just learning how to drive. I say he isn't nearly ready. (And he certainly isn't the only one not ready, in my opinion.) I would even be willing to wait until next year before he has his license since I see a lot more than I say. It's scary out there and one wrong move can change your direction for the rest of your life. Yes, I know it can happen at any time but with teens' hormones raging and so many pressures on them to succeed and be something while also trying to fit in with their peers...well, you get the picture. At least you do if you have been there. And more so if you have children.

The other story I saw on the news...also close to home...was about the football player from Lake Brantley who was shot and killed by a fellow ex-classmate. A possible drug deal gone bad, from what I read on-line at WFTV. Why was this student allowed to be on the football team if he had "minor" drug charges against him? And he was a top-notch wrestler. I feel badly for his family. Like I said, it hits close to home. Maybe this is a wake up call to the class of 2007.

My new ending will be "Namaste". A word that is from Sanskrit and means "Peace be with you". It is my way of life... so, until another entry...Namaste...

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