Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 2 - Part 2

My observations about San Francisco that are different:

(1) People seem much nicer here. (Especially Kimmy's people! LOL)

(2) There are more homeless people here than anywhere I have ever seen. Every street we are on, they are there sitting on the ground, against a tree or on a bench with their shopping carts or bags. Many of them have dogs, too. We even saw a homeless person sitting at an outside table in front of Starbucks (yesterday morning around 9 am). He had a half full bottle of Vodka on the ground in front of him and (this is the really gross part), vomit down his pant legs and on the ground in front of him. YUCK!!! And there were 3 or 4 others within the same block. Most of them don't interact but one or two asked for something or tried to get our attention. There was even one that had a sign he held up and turned it from front to back. On both sides, it read "Why lie, I need a beer"!!! He had a airline bottle of something that looked empty sitting on the ground in front of him. What a site this is to see!

(3) The cable cars are a fun way to get around. And the only ones in use in the US. I love the bell ringing. I sing the Rice-a-roni song. ;O)

(4) Tourists are everywhere!!! Most of them came unprepared, like we did...about 2/3 of the people are wearing the same fleeced jackets we bought!!!

(5) This should be called the Windy City, not Chicago!

(6) I can now associate with all the chase scenes from "Streets of San Francisco"!

(7) Alcatraz had the most interesting audio tour. We learned so much about it. One of which was that the guards who worked there had families that lived there since the guards had to be ready for any escape attempt. So, there were kids who stayed on that island 24/7 and could see the inmates up close. (That would have been so spooky.)

(8) It is much drier here than in FL. I will probably have to buy another tube of Chapstick while on vacation.

(9) No Coke with Splenda makes Karen a very unhappy girl! :O(

(10) Sometimes you can't tell if the person waiting on you is the same gender as they were born!

(11) Pictures can be worth a thousand words....



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